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Adept II

6900 XT stuttering in games

So i really wanna get this off my chest after over 1 week of frustration and ever since this garbage GPU came into my house.

I finally want answers from an AMD official why my card is performing like this and how this can be ?

Why do i have stutters in multiple games (fortnite, days gone, resident evil, 7 days to die) Why is my card running in the Red Dead redemption 2 main menu with 0mhz and causes spikes and drops in frametime ? Seriously i cant even pause my game ?

I tried every troubleshoot there is and i cant figure out this stupid behavior this card is having.

I tried so far :

  • fresh windows 10 install
  • tried various drivers
  • enabled / disabled SAM
  • set BIOS to default
  • swapped PSU cables
  • removed riser cable and coneccted card directly
  • disabled xbox game bar
  • disabled/ enabled windows game mode
  • used energy performance plan
  • set min slider 100 mhz below max
  • disabled/enabled vsync, enhanced sync, free sync
  • used radeon chill, disabled radeon chill
  • coneccted different monitor
  • disabled/disconeccted all other devices before fresh install of windows, pulled ethernet and installed drivers in offline mode via usb drive

All these problems i didnt have with my 1080ti , i regret buying this and im hardly disappointed in AMD.

System Specs:

  • Ryzen 9 5900X
  • Asus B550 A Gaming
  • 4x8 3600MHZ c14RDR 2 Pause menu frametimeRDR 2 Pause menu frametime
  • Corsair RM850x
  • latest BIOS
  • Windows 21H2RDR 2 Pause menu clockRDR 2 Pause menu clockDays Gone frametimeDays Gone frametime
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I would suggest an RMA at this point you may have a bad GPU.

You could RMA for a replacement or refund depends on the store or site that you got the GPU from.

If the GPU is that problematic don't waste time on an RMA or return/refund. Get it does ASAP.


A couple of things to try:

The first thing to try, use AMD Cleanup Utility or DDU in safe mode. Then reboot and install the latest drivers.

Also what was the PSU Output during the tests in Hardware Monitor 64 for 12 & 5.0 & 3.3 Vdc? They all should be -/+ 5% tolerances. For instance the 12 Vdc should have shown a minimum of 11.4 Vdc or higher during the testing.

Run OCCT GPU MEMTEST and see if your Ram checks good without any errors.

Some PSUs Cables specific ones are needed to be used. Check your manufacturer's recommendations, and check this thread for more information:

If you still are seeing the problem, it is pointing to a bad card, or some other failing component in the system.

Edit: If you search the forum, you will find some other users reporting problems with fortnite and days gone. I think the latest drivers mentions fortnite and it should be better, so some problems may be game specific, hopefully the latest driver will help in fortnite.

I hope you can find a solution.


I doubt its the RAM, before i took out my 1080ti like 2 weeks ago everything was running fine and this seems unusual to me.

I can play Doom just fine , yesterday i had 2 stutters once in a while.

Now im in Read dead redemption 2 , i can play fine .. i pause the game and my game almost freezes and i get coil whine , on , off , on , off , on , off etc..

Reinstalling drivers again is not relevant anymore, this is the 2nd fresh install of windows 10 and i tried it before i even considered installing any other device or program.

rdr 2.jpgUnpaused game, seems normalUnpaused game, seems normal


I'd RMA it at this point, i don't have any experience with RDR2 but that seems very strange. It can be a game problem but I haven't heard a problem like that. Seems voltages etc are fine, I hope you can get a refund or exchange to help you get a good gaming experience back.

Edit: There are AMD reps here, they may respond, the best way to get a dialog with them would be to put in a bug report. I wouldn't wait too long and just RMA it so you can get your problem fixed under warranty.


I mean there is nothing else left than taking this route after all i have done, at this point i was not sure if this is a driver issue or if the card is the issue it self.

Bad thing is that 14 days are over, i didnt get to test everything until this week and thats when i noticed all this issues. In my country you have a 14 day return time , if you are unhappy with the product you can simply return it to the reseller however i should have a reason to return it or to call in for RMA.

I have no idea how they respond come monday if they will refund me or if i get a replacement card, im also afraid that this problem will still exist with a replacement card. This is my first AMD card ever. Only 2 weeks ago i was gaming with the 1080ti ( which i sold , sadly) and everything was smooth, sure not the highest FPS anymore but no stutter or weird behavior.


I'd tell them what you said, and hope for the best. Maybe you may have to send the card back to the manufacturer, try to look on the bright side maybe the card has a problem and the new one will not. You did your best, tried a lot of things, tell them all the troubleshooting you did and still had the problems. I hope they can help you, I do understand it's frustrating.


This odd behavior stopped in Red Dead redemption 2 when pausing.

I installed a driver from last year august and also only installed the driver , not the software.

The issue was still there, than i decided to use RTSS to hardcap my framerate instead of Radeon Chill.

Im confused at this point. Days Gone still stuttering but i start to think that its a game issue

grafik.pngSame is true for VulkanSame is true for VulkanWhen turning off the FPS Cap it instantly returns to weird behavior and 0mhz at timesWhen turning off the FPS Cap it instantly returns to weird behavior and 0mhz at times


There are problems with Days Gone, you can find them if you search the forum. It looks like you narrowed it down to new drivers not working quite right with RDR2. So hopefully they will see the bug reports and fix it. You might want to try one last trick as this guy had less problems by uninstalling the AMD Chipset and GPU drivers with DDU, then install the GPU drivers then the Chipset drivers. Might help.

If not, at least you probably are good with a little older drivers, some RTSS settings you mentioned, and certain games will play together better.

I've started to see this, too, and there's another thread, here.

Where as it was fine before, it's now stuttering in older games like Grim Dawn.

Plus most annoyingly (as it's my surround sound giver) the coil whine / audio noise is horrendous ... especially in headphones.

I'm wondering if this is a driver thing, as it wasn't happening a couple of weeks back. (I did also recently try turning on SAM ... and had to turn that off ... not sure if that's affected BIOS stuff)

Ah ... Radeon Enhance Sync fixed it for me.

However, I worry that if I ever get a monitor with the adaptive stuff, will this be an issue.


I have noticed an odd thing with all my games that get the visual and audio glitches.

When I go to the local game folder and run a compatibility check all the early access games are reported by Microsoft as incompatible/unrecognized program.

The only time I've seen that happen is when the game developer drops or has lousy support for their games.

I've tried compatibility modes for Windows 7 Vista and 8 the problem still happens.

Honestly I just caught windows update trying to overwrite my GPU display driver with Windows 11 Display Driver. I'm running on windows 10 Pro 64. So I did a regedit to block windows from performing hardware updates. It will only update windows 10 now. Ran into some issues about a year ago with windows 10 update and the only way I could fix it was through regedit.

Journeyman III

Hay, I have the same issue with my powercolor red devil 6950xt. Coil whine on, off, on off... , stuttering so heavy, that games are unplayable, and gpu stress test also stuttering. Sometimes everything is ok, mostly problems with older games.

No problems in windows, movies, etc

Did you solved issue?

Please some advice, I am waiting for new cables and lastly I will try new psu. I have 1000w lc power 80 platinum with single rail


If you have more than one monitor, try disconnecting the other one from computer.

Try disabling hardware acceleration:

If doesn't help, try disabling Multiplane overlay (MPO):

Try disabling hardware accelerations from browsers and software you use.

Journeyman III

Hi all,

I'm having trouble with my amd radeon 6900xt any high strain games crash like MFS and ghost recon breakpoint drivers are up to date so I'm really struggling to pinpoint what the problem is 


Any help be greatly appricated