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Journeyman III

6900 xt running hot

Ok, so I've been using a reference 6900XT I got from AMD's online store. It has a thermal throttling issue, causing bad frame drops and stutters. It is in an Xtia open air case, but the GPU temp is 70-80C and the Juction temp is running at 110C in Black Ops Cold War, and any other taxing game. Even with fans at 100%.

I also have an MSI 6900XT Gaming Z Trio. It runs 60C on the GPU and 80C at the Junction, with 50-70% fan speed. Is there anything I can do? It shouldn't run this hot.

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Adept II

Setup a more aggressive custom fan profile and try to undervolt.  Start at 1100mv and work your way down.

Adept III


If you have a msi 6900 xt gaming z trio - then I do not understand why you use the ref. model ?! The Z trio use the XTXH variant of the gpu - higher clocks. Furthermore you are lucky to have one of the good Z models. I used to have one and it went to 110 junc. temp all the time and I returned it. Those cards have sev. temp spots and if just one gets to 110 it throttles down. 

If junc.temp goes to 110 - then there is a thermal issue - no way you can controll the fans to get out of that. You also state they run at 100 %. Could be thermal paste not ok - could be heatsink not firmly and evenly attached to the pcb - kind of when you attach the cooler to your motherboard / cpu - important that screws are thighten and evenly all around.

Are you taxing the card 100 % in Cold war ? Are you going way beyond limits of your screen ? Like you have 144 hz screen and you have 200+ fps - as in no need and waste of frames (I know some will disagree here - frametime low as it can get). 

Frametimes as low as possible yes - but when you hit 110 and throttles down - then that is an even worse scenario - better find lower fps and not hitting the 110 limit - like framecap to something lower !

I myself have asus 6900xt tuf - clocked to 2500 (could perhaps go higher) and I happy with this card !


Could be a QA issue with bad thermal pads or perhaps not making proper contact? But then again, if its regular temp is 70-80c, I doubt that's the issue. BUT you may need to look into an RMA especially if its still that high with the fans going 100%. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. If you get the situation fix without sending it in, let us know the remedy!

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