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Journeyman III

6900 xt heavy artifacting in Outriders



This is a brand new system, less than a day old. All parts are brand new, including the power color red devil 6900 xt.


When I play outriders, even on the starting cutscenes, and when I start to run around, strange artifacts slowly appear on screen. When I move my camera angle from left to right, black shadows cover my whole screen.


Check out the video in the link:


I already tried fresh drivers install multiple tines, using DDU. I tried running the game without adrenaline software installed. 


My system


Mobo: asus tuf x570 plus wifi

Cpu: amd 5800x

Gpu: red devil 6900 xt

Ram: g.skill trident 32gb 3600mhz cl18

Cpu cooler: cooler master hyper 212

Ssd: samsung pro 980 nvme gen 4

Psu: seasonic prime platinum 850w

Please help, thanks!

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Looks like your VRAM is broken to me. 
Or maybe they forgot to fit thermal pads to the VRAM on the PCB.
You might be able to check by looking at the card.

Is the heatsink loose? 
That heatsink is absolutely enormous:
It must be heavy and if you lift the card on the GPU PCB side w/o holding the heatsink you might stress the connection to the PCB.

I would expect to see similar problem on other games at similar resolution. 

Try reducing VRAM clockspeed using Performance -> Tuning.

I would just  send the GPU back for RMA if I were you.
Looks like damage is already done.

Good Luck.