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Journeyman III

6800XT Windows Mixed Reality Setup breaks Unreal Engine 4 DX11 mode games beyond Adrenaline 22.5.1

I have been tracking this issue for a while with a few bug reports through the driver system as this applies to all drivers beyond Adrenaline 22.5.1 on Windows 11 Pro 22H2.

The issue is such that on newer drivers (any beyond Adrenaline 22.5.1), seemingly all UE4 games running in DX11 mode will encounter a fatal error on launch. After a few clean reinstalls of Windows 11 Pro, I was able to track the issue to occurring after the Windows Mixed Reality Setup is run / completes. Not sure if the install of OpenXR for Windows Mixed Reality during the setup is what causes it, but after the setup, no matter what I uninstall the issue persists with the games crashing on launch.

I most recently tested this with Adrenalin 22.11.2 which continues to have the issue, but now Windows is auto installing newer drivers (newer than what is packaged with Adrenaline 22.5.1), which causes this issue, so I have had to pause that functionality to remain on 22.5.1 where things are still working. 22.5.1 does not support 7000 series IGPU, which is also annoying, as I recently upgraded from 5800X to 7950X.

I originally brought this issue up on the Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC) forums to bring broader awareness there, and so far, have found one other person with the same issue.
Link: SOFTWARE/HARDWARE ISSUE - UE4-AC2 Fatal Error Crash during launch Win 11 22H2 | Kunos Simulazioni - ...

This issue has been observed on the following hardware:
GPU: 6800XT, 6950XT
CPU: 5800X, 7950X, i5 9600k

I am using 32GB RAM, 6800XT, and now 7950X, and first observed this issue after installing the Windows 11 22H2 Update (5800X at the time), which is now the default version provided for new installs of Windows 11 (The ISO from Microsoft).
I am using the HP Reverb G2 VR Headset.

I have tested this with a GTX 1080 and RTX 4090 and both cases there is no issue. This appears to be only AMD GPUs that are related.

As things have been transitioning to focus on 7000 series GPUs, I am getting concerned that this issue will not get the attention it deserves.

I am left running old drivers with system functionality disabled so I can continue to play these games. ACC is my main game right now and I use VR exclusively for it.

Hope this helps this issue get traction. Happy to try and provide any additional details for this to be solved.

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