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Journeyman III

6800XT stuttering issues arch linux

I've ran into stuttering issues when loading new areas in practically any proton game, and some non-proton games. I've basically exhausted all of the suggestions I can find regarding everything I can do, and considering that nvidia users have plenty of success with their cards(even when running a 1030 I didn't have these issues) on proton I'm thinking it is more than likely a driver issue due to the fact that I have a relatively uncommon graphics card.

Any way I can report an exact issue or possibly contribute or fix? Should I wait for the 5.13 kernel update?

Ryzen 9 3900X O.C.'d to 4.1ghz, AsRock TaiChi 6800XT, 16GB 3200mhz RAM, 970 evo ssd.

Any other info I am willing to provide

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Adept I

I had the same issue and figured out that AMD has generally an issue with V-Sync.

Try the following:

1. In the game settings itself, switch off V-Sync
2. In the AMD software:
a) Gaming --> Select your game --> switch off "Radeon Enhanced Sync"
b) Gaming --> Select your game --> switch off "AMD free sync"
c) Gaming --> Global Settings --> switch off "Radeon Enhanced Sync"

Doing this fixed it.

If you display the FPS in the game (steam has an option for that), then you can verify whether V-Sync is really switched off.
You should get much higher frame rates than before as there is no limitation.
If your FPS are still limited to the monitor, you need to keep looking for the settings and switch all the syncing off.


Appreciate the comment, but that's not the issue (I double checked to make sure that wasn't the case eitherway). More than likely a shader bug or something by my research, a v-sync issue would be constant while my stuttering is only when loading areas I haven't been to (the stuttering does NOT reset when I exit the game, only when steam updates and recompiles shaders)

Not to mention, no GUI for amd on linux (beside maybe ubuntu, but I don't use ubuntu)