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Journeyman III

6800xt no output. Lights and fans work and shows up in device manager, hwinfo etc.

I just got a hold of a brand new 6800xt and I used it for about 2 hours, then I decided to see if I could also run my 5600xt so when i'm not using my system I could mine with the combined gpu power.  As soon as I installed the 5600xt the system stopped working.  I figured my 650w corsair PSU wasn't powerful enough so I picked up a 750w corsair and got it working again.  After I had it going I installed the Adrenalin software.  Then when I installed the 5600xt and booted the system I it worked but then it did something like it updated the driver maybe.  I just know that it restarted and when it did I could only get output on the 2nd GPU.  If I try to use the system with just the 6800 the bios doesn't detect it.  If I start the system with both cards it only has output on the 5600.  I can see the 6800 in device manager and with GPU-Z or HWinfo but not in Adrenalin.  

I've swapped in a spare mobo (Asus tuf-X570 +, my normal mobo is an x570 Aorus Master) and it is the same situation.  I looked at some google results for problems like this and couldn't find anything where the same issue is happening.  I saw that there has been problems related to cards getting stuck in ULPS mode and I found a program that is supposed to disable it.  I run that program and when asked to type 1 for enable or 0 for disable I type 0, get a message ULPS state set.  I rebooted and it still isn't working.  

My hardware specs are

CPU- 5900X

Motherboard 1st- Gigabyte x570 Aorus Master

Motherboard 2nd- Asus tuf x570 Plus wifi

Ram- 32gb Gskill 3800C14D-16GTZN 

PSU- Corsair RM750 (new)

I was using the 6800 by itself fine with a CX650-F and I only require 90w for the 5600 while mining.  So I disconnected 5extra fans and LED hardware I have so all that I am using now is a Corsair h150i Capellix AIO with 3 fans.  It wouldn't work with the 2 GPU's so I got a better rated 750W Corsair PSU.  After I got the new PSU and it was working again It was fine until I tried to add the 5600 again.  Now I can't boot to windows or even see the bios setup with the 6800 alone.  I have tried setting the PCIE slots to Gen3, setting the 16X PCIE slots to 8x + 8X, switching mobos, doing a fresh windows 10 install.  The only way I can get into windows is by plugging my display into the 5600.  If the 6800 is installed to any slot it shows up in the device manager and It also reflects the extended memory range settings and any changes I have tried as far as PCIe settings.  I can see it in GPU-Z but the only sensors that show anything are the temperature and system memory used.