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Journeyman III


Having issues here.

My specs are

AMD 3600   -    Trident Neo 3600mhz ram (profile enabled)   -   MSI 6800xt gaming x trio   -   corsair 850watt PSU Gold    -    Asus strixx x570 gaming-e motherboard


So sometimes my computer will green screen crash, and i will have to go up to my computer and turn it off manually just holding down the power button. It will crash in an instant, whether im browsing on the web, gaming, and there was 1 instance is green screened on the login windows screen.


I noticed there was a time when the green screen occured, and i could still hear audio in the backround, but after about 10 seconds no more audio and it completely crashed, it never used to do this. it only started doing it about 3 weeks to a month ago.


I have all of the latest drivers installed, i had also tested drivers from about a month back and still got a green screen, but that's around the time it started happening.


anyways any help would be great.


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