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Journeyman III

6800xt - Getting Lots Of Black Square Artifacting In Games With What Looks Like Dynamic Lighting

PortalWars   2021-08-30 10_05_09 AM-compressed.jpg


here is a video of the issue:

splitgate isnt the only game this happens on. it seems to be any game with some sort of dynamic lighting.





6800xt out of box, no overclock or config - drivers up to date


800w power supply

2x 8gb 2933mhz ram

my gpu and case are very well cooled. always check the thermals and they are always at an okay temperature

my amd software settings are out of box as well. have not changed any settings.


things i have tried: 

lowering graphics

changing screen resolution

capping framerate


nothing seems to fix the issue. 

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Adept III

I have the same with my RX 6800 TX card in Splitgate. I can only suspect that this is either driver issue of the game itself has some issues. My bet would be drivers... 

PS: I have already reported this through bug report in Adrenalin panel.


are there any other games youve had this issue with? its not a super common thing, ive seen it really bad in "it takes two of us"

at this point i think it just might be developer and driver support which is really frustrating since we spend over 1k on this card


Something expensive dorsn’t mean it won’t fail and have defects. See how many people with 5900x and 5950x have whea problems who also thought “the cpu costs so much it can’t be the cpu”. RMA it, will save you a lot of effort and heartache


I don't think it is a hardware issue. I am almost convinced that it's "z-fighting":

Here it's explained:

Volunteer Moderator

From what I have seen, the floor has stopped flickering. I am now enjoying the game without being bothered by the black flickers all over the floor in any maps at all.

Adept I

You need to get that card RMA’d. All solutions for this include either disabling overclocks or getting a replacement. As yours is bot overclocked, the only real option left is to RMA. It is likely those artefacts are from VRAM errors so it cannot load those textures from specific locations in the video memory, those addresses lead to corrupted memory bank locations. Not alot you can do about it