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Journeyman III

6800XT Dropping clocks (Need Help)

Hi, I noticed that if my gpu gets close to the 75Watt Range, drops below and gets higher again around 75Watts, it starts to drop Clockspeeds and i get stutters ingame, fps drops.

I think under 75Watts, the GPU gets only Power from the Motherboard and above 75W it starts getting Power with the power supply,

or it could be that the GPU utilization gets under 20% ???

Anyone know whats causes this Issue.

Can i turn off power saving modes or put the Watt over 100W for the GPU ( forcing it )

EDIT: ( I turned off Deep Sleep Modes in the GPU Bios with MorePowerTool. And i put the clockspeed from 2209-2359 Mhz in Radeon Software. Now i fixed the Clock drops.

Also what i noticed, when i turn off FPS limiter in Radeon Software, my Games have huge delay, movement stutter. Anyone know whats the Problem with this?


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