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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

6800 XT high latency Ethernet

Hello guys,

could you please check if you experience the same issue as me, since i switched my GPU from an RTX to the AMD 6800 i have a constant 500 + latency, this seems to be related to the ethernets ports but, i've tried everything ( drivers updates, bios, format..) but nothing worked, this is now more than 3 months i face this issue and have no solution, also opened a ticket but had no answer.

If i uninstall the AMD GPU drivers it gets back to normal


 many thanks for checking


config :

MSI 550 Tomahawk

Ryzen 3600

AMD GPU 6800 XT standard version

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Re: 6800 XT high latency Ethernet

First that program is garbage. It's for solving issues we had with PC's way back in the Vista days. Second the photo shows an overall ~536ms latency but doesn't say what driver or even Ethernet. 3rd the GPU has nothing to do with the Ethernet, unless you are under powering the card or board in general with an old PSU or one that is under or barley meets the minimum. Lastly, if the Ethernet is a PCIe card, move it down a slot away from the GPU, don't use an Ethernet card if your board has an onboard 10/100/1000 port unless there's some other need. A WIFI card could cause this because of the high frequency of the GPU interfering with the WIFI card, again move the card down a slot, shield it if need be, buy one that is shielded, or go hard wire. 

"It worked before you broke it!"
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