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Journeyman III

6750XT (reference card) - HDMI Sound cutting out every few minutes

In FireFox (ie youtube), Foobar2000, VLC and Plex HTPC sound is cutting out every few minutes.

The only workaround I found so far is to add the executables as 'games' in Adrenalin and raising the minimum GPU frequency to 100% (10000mhz) in the profiles. After that the audio doesn't drop out anymore.

The issue then becomes that it will sometimes crash the driver and state that Wattman was reset to default - or even flat out put my monitor and TV in standby - still hearing windows sounds but no video output. Forcing me to turn off the computer by pressing the power button for a couple of seconds. After the next boot the driver often fails to load and state 'the driver may have been replaced by windows update' (it's off / blocked on my computer), so I need to reinstall the driver all over again.

I tested on my TrueNas server (with a Windows partition) that has a Ryzen 5600G. Using the integrated GPU with the same cable and the issue does not show up there.

Happens at 4K 60hz and 1080p 60Hz - I'm using a 10ft 4K certified hdmi cable to my receiver which I changed twice to make sure it wasn't the culprit. I also tested with a 3ft cable, with the receiver right beside my computer. When it cuts out the image doesn't drop out, it's solely an audio issue.

Yesterday I upgraded to Win 10 22h2 and this did not help.

It's very infuriating because the video and sound output quality are stellar otherwise. I just wish this was known and fixed.

Edit: this doesn't happen with my old GTX 1080 Ti FE.

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Adept I

Im having the same issue with brand new RX 6750xt


The minimum frequency workaround does not work on my system and the audio cut opff happens every 2.4 seconds. Looking at receivers screen, it is as if the audio keeps reconnecting over and over again. I tried with on-board vega as well and it also happens there but much less frequently. Sadly i cant use that audio as windows always puts it as display 1 and then i cant see anything since RX is on display 2 and it only show extension of desktop and while it can be cloned, it only works until i restart the computer. 



I dont know which is to blame here, but this really needs a fix.