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Journeyman III

6600xt low fps in Gta and fortnite

Hi I have very strong problems with my graphics card have ne 6600xt and have in all games fps problems no matter on what settings even on low settings I have problems as Cpu I have an amd 5 3600 and I have in the games for 1 second 150fps and then 6 and it just lags as if I had a wish Pc

hope one can help me

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Journeyman III

You should not have any problems with that setup. Do you have all the AMD drivers installed? CPU and GPU? I ran a 6600XT on Ultra settings for everything in 1080p and high for 1440p. 

Volunteer Moderator

Make sure you have the latest Radeon graphics drivers installed, if you do, try reinstalling and do a clean install.

If that does not work, try to cap your FPS to 60 and see if that helps.

Journeyman III

If you have a monitor that can support refresh rates over 60, do not cap your frames at 60 if you are running low settings because your components are more than capable of running games at higher FPS in 1080p. Cap your frames at your monitors refresh rate and try and fix the issue through the following tips.

How to fix/improve performance:

- Check for latest drivers in AMD software - download - install - restart computer. 

- Check for windows update - download - install - restart. 

- Close background applications in the task manager / try windows game mode (random drops in FPS may be caused by an interfering program running). 

             -  Go to windows settings - apps - startup - turn off all applications you do not need running when starting up computer 

- Use full screen mode in game to prioritize the application you are running. 

- If the game offers dx12 API use that - it will utilize your hardware better than dx11 or Performance mode (PM). Performance mode is based on Dx11 in Fortnite and is no where near as efficient as Dx12 based on your hardware.  

- If the game offers multithreaded rendering (Fortnite) - turn that on. 

- Do you have Smart Access Memory (SAM) Enabled? If not, watch YouTube video on how to enable - you will need to tweak AMD software and a couple BIOS settings. 

- If you have less than 16 GB of ram - get 16 GB or ram. (If you buy ram, try and get 3200 MHz speed to compliment your Ryzen 5 3600) (To get advertised memory speed you will need to enable your XMP or DOCP profile)

- Use low graphics settings for maximum performance

- If you have game or OS installed on HDD try and move as much if not all onto SSD storage devices. 

- Optimize storage by going to windows settings - system - storage - advanced storage settings - drive optimization - select desired drive - optimize 

- Check what motherboard bios and see if the manufacturer has a recent bios update - this will reset any changes you have made in your bios so make sure to double check what you changed. 

- If you have discord, internet browser or Spotify open while playing, YouTube how to turn off hardware acceleration on the respective application. 

- If you are lagging, try and get an ethernet cable to connect to your router. If you cannot acquire one, then use the 5Ghz network option for your WIFI if you are close to it. Otherwise, use the 2.4Ghz channel, but try and turn off Bluetooth devices, limit other devices connected on that channel, and get as close to it as you can.