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Journeyman III

6600xt 2nd monitor does not show 1920x1080 resolution

Just switched graphics card from GeForce 970 to 6600xt.

did the safe mode ddu uninstaller, swapped to 6600xt, installed Radeon software and drivers.

I have 2 monitors

main monitor- asus vg278 resolution= 1920x1080

2nd monitor- asus ve278 resolution= 1440x900

both monitors are using display ports with new cables

I want to run the 2nd monitor at 1920x1080.  It worked with the Geforce 970 before the swap.  Looking at the list of valid modes for the 2nd monitor, it does not show that resolution, and I can not create a custom one.  This monitor is capable of that resolution, so how do I get 1920x1080 resolution?

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