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6600 xt Warzone FPS drop

Sometimes starting a new warzone game, right in countdown lobby prematch, fps suddenly drop from 140 to 70-80 and never goes again in the match beyond 100. My GPU usage stays at 98-99% with just 80W power consumption and clock speed maxed out. This can happen in the first match or after 4-5 matches. I restart and it goes away for like 1 week or reaper again after 30 minutes. I observed it just in Warzone, while Gears 5 never did it.

My GPU tuning is on default. I increased dram frequency at 3000mhz from 2666 stock with cpu voltage auto maxed at 1.35. 

build: rx 6600 xt with Ryzen 7 5700G and asus prime b5550m-k mother board and 16gb ram 3200mhz 16 cl single Chanel 


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Adept I

I encountered this problem too.
Can you fix this problem?


Yes I disabled pcie 4g decoding and resizable bar. No problem since, I have been playing for 2 days and my game is really steady now. No power consumption drop, no fps drop. Maybe a bit down in performance with like 5-10 fps less but I played 3-4 hours straight with no problem. Before it I couldn’t play 1 hour cuz the problem appeared every time. 

Do you have a way to turn off pcie 4g decoding and resizable bar ?
Please help me.


BIOS -> advance -> above pcie decoding


thank you very much


In the sense of single-channel mode? Or do you have 1 16 GB RAM bar? Buy another RAM bar) If the problems are in these two games, it is possible that they are poorly optimized, especially Warzone, since in addition to the game settings themselves, you have to go into the configuration files and configure there. It is possible that in the bios there is a limitation on the CPU CPU, due to the fact that the board is budget, and the processor is 65 watts of CPU, respectively, when 65 watts is reached, trolling (frequency reset) is activated on medium-budget or expensive motherboards, this restriction is usually not there, and they can warm up like stoves at the limit, for example, processors such as i9 9900k with a 95 watt heat package, but they can fry 150 watts, since the motherboard does not limit them. The same applies to any other processors. To check, install msi afterburner and configure it to display the frequency of the processor and each core, if the frequency does not fall from the stated ones: 4.4ghz, then the problem is different, perhaps due to the fact that only one-channel memory mode works, it pretty much drops fps.

Journeyman III


Check out this YouTube channel, I used his videos for warzone and coldest, got 50+ fps from the adjustments