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6500xt issues


Just installed 6500xt as an upgrade, used auto detect and install driver option with factory reset, now when it boots in to windows 10 it goes to a blank screen. I put an r7 in last time I changed graphics cards and that caused no problems. I can see bios at a weird resolution but it seems to me that windows ain't outputting video once it boots. 

Went in to bios to try and renable onboard VGA, managed to get in to windows, used ddu, tried installing software again same result. Cannot get card to work with windows but outputs bios, and startup display.

Whilst in VGA mode I looked in device manager and it picked up the display adapter as a radeon 3000 series, from 8 or so years ago. There is no inbuilt graphics in my CPU series so I assume it was picking up the 6500. There was no way of changing startup resolution off the card and the Radeon software throws up error saying that the software is not compatible with the 3000 series whilst in VGA mode with the power disconnected on the 6500.

Any ideas?

Amd fx8350, 16gb ram, windows 10 21h2




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DDU again in Safe Mode, go to and download the driver for the 6500 XT, rather than using Autodetect. Hopefully that will fix it.


Hi, thanks for all the replies. Tried that on the third attempt and it didn't resolve the issue. Still the same, just so we are clear: 

Card outputting through hdmi in low quality when card placed in machine. Install driver screen goes blank during install does not come back, even after leaving 30 mins. On reboot displays bios and windows startup logo but upon booting in to windows black screen.


  • Previous reply to amdman above.

As far as psu goes it's Corsair 650W psu, pcie cable plugged in to 6+2 port on psu, cable is brand new. No reason to believe it's a power supply issue, since unplugging power to 6500 xt means video can go via motherboard VGA.

It seems then that there is an onboard video chip on mb for setup, however, this automatically disables when a video card is detected. When power is removed from 6500 it defaults to VGA on motherboard, and card in PCIe slot is detected as Radeon 3000 series, so cannot apply driver or software in device manager. I will have a look at the uefi setting, how might this affect things? I ask from curiosity not questioning your wisdom


What motherboard do you have?

Yes, like @goodplay said, you will want to find out if in your motherboard it has a setting for Legacy or UEFI. Set it to UEFI. Keep in mind it is possible the card itself is bad and not able to be recognized by Windows, that may be why it is black screening when it goes into Windows. Hopefully that is not it, but if you can test the card in another or friend's PC, then you will know it's not the card. Good luck!


It is probably quite and old PC you have..

So what PSU do have?

The recommended PSU is 400w..

It could have something to with your cable too, try another one..

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It's possible the mobo has inbuilt graphics chip for basic setup operation.

Is the mobo bios set to run uefi (a guess that your old card was legacy vbios) ?

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I'm having the same issue. goes into repair mode actually. and this is my second card. I've had an older Nvidia and AMD card working just before this as well.