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Journeyman III

6000 Mobile GPU output support


I was really looking forward to buying AMD 6000 series mobile cpu/apu. Either 6800U or 6900HS with AMD Radeon RX 6800S. My issue with both of these is that none of them support hdmi 2.1 or at least non of the OEM:s claim them to support hdmi 2.1 ( to be clear, hdmi 2.1 to me is standard that can do 120hz@4k@hdr with out compression).   So, my guestion is: can I buy say 6800U laptop (with no additional gpu) and expect to get  120hz@4k@hdr with out compression through usb4 -> hdmi for example with this ( ) or is this totally impossible with out additional gpu from your competitor?

If you have any model that can do hdmi 2.1 with out dongle could you please refer to it.

Does any of the 6000 mobile GPU support 120hz@4k@hdr with out compression?

I would really like to buy amd laptop as developer linux laptop, but not having hdmi 2.1 is deal breaker for me, and I would rather buy AMD because of the better driver support under linux compared to your competitor.


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