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Adept I

5700XT crashes system in sleep mode


Sometimes when I wake my PC from sleep it wakes to a windows 10 blue screen. Needs a hard reset to get back to desktop. Never had this issue before or with my last card. Issue persists even after a fresh installation of windows.

Ryzen 2600

16GB Corsair DDR4 at 3200


Windows 10 Pro

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Adept I


Similar situation. Seems then the culprit is the video card.

The problem: When the machine gets the wakes up command, it just reboots. I looked at the event log and the data about the crash is logged by Windows.

I am willing to share system info and crash logs to AMD if requested.

We are two in the same boat.

I had this problem as well but managed to solve it. For my particular 5700 XT (XFX Raw II Ultra), I found that it was just running too hot with stock settings. I suspect that my habit of doing a multi-hour gaming session and then suspending the computer was causing the card to shutdown hot and in a crummy state. For me, simply using a more reasonable (custom) fan curve completely eliminated the problem. With stock my junction temp would peak at about 95c. With my custom fan curve it gets to about 82c. I know that AMD says up to 110c junction temp is within spec, but I don't buy it. With stock fan curve my card gets hot enough for me to literally smell it. Here are my settings for anyone else having this issue and wants to try this.

Fan Speed: 35   35   66   68   70

Temp:         40   45   50   55   70