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Journeyman III

5700g no display after adrenalin

Hi guys-

Hoping for some guidance here. on my 3rd clean windows install and going a little crazy.

Trying to put together a ryzen 5700g, msi b550m build for my kids. updated the mobo bios and activated xmp on my 16gb of memory and things were looking promising

I loaded up lego batman. FPS was abysmal at approximately 5-10 fps and navigating through the menus was abysmal. I was starting to regret the apu purchase until i saw some benchmark vids on YT and realized i could do better w/my integrated graphics.

Realized that i should probably update my amd drivers so downloaded adrenalin. I was able to update and lego batman was working great. i restarted my pc and then it wouldn't load up - i received the windows didn't load properly. It wouldn't allow me to login so i couldnt fix the issue.

Decided to do a fresh install of windows. It booted up just fine. I Was able to do this and get the necessary system updates. I tried to download adrenalin 21.8.2 and midway through, the screen went black and unresponsive again w/o coming on.

I reset the pc, got to the bios and turned off xmp and disable global c-states. Still wouldn't boot up windows.  Saw another person posting on here before and how his monitor wasn't 1920x1080, but i don't have that issue (my monitor is 1920x1080 @ 60hz)

Decided to do a fresh install again. Again, windows booted up fine and I was able to get to my desktop. I did all the windows updates and went again to amd, but this time downloaded adrenalin 21.5.2 which was a more stable update. Screen went black again and hasn't come on.

I was able to momentarily get the performance i was hoping for, but have been running into a wall since then. Is there something wrong that i'm doing? Any trouble shooting steps i should be taking besides doing fresh installs? Is there a way to revert the cpu to factory settings via the bios (bc when i right click on the desktop, there is no graphics options)?

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Journeyman III

So I didn't have another monitor to try but switched my HDMI for a dp cable and now I have video on adrenalin 21.5.2.  

Dont feel like pushing my luck by upgrading further.