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Adept I

5700 XT using Kraken G12 High Junction Temps

Hi there,

I'm currently using a 5700 XT with a Kraken G12 bracket to hybrid cool the GPU.  VRAM and VRM temps are under control, the GPU Edge Temp never hits above 65-70c BUT the Junction or Hotspot temperature seems to Skyrocket even with an undervolt. 

I'm steady at a 1105 mV undervolt with +20% Power Limit and the Memory OC'd to 900 Mhz. 

Core Clock is kept at 2100 Mhz max and I have a custom fan configuration with the VRAM / VRM fan running and the push / pull on the radiator set to run at 100%. 

The only thing I could think of was that I wasn't making good contact on the GPU but that doesn't quite make sense if I'm still achieving strong edge temps.  With the junction behaving the way it is my hopes of getting the maximum performance out of this card are pretty low. 

Before I ran these numbers today I went ahead and re-seated the AIO using MX-4 thermal paste.  If anyone has any idea of what I could do to improve that Junction temperature so I can finally game / benchmark my card without any worry please let me know!

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