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Adept I

5700 xt stuttering Rainbow six siege Vulkan

I recently bought a 5700 xt and replaced it with a radeon vii I had but I started getting micro stutters in Rainbow six siege. The specs of the system are as follows:

mobo: x9dri-f

cpu: 2x e5-2667v2 watercooled

ram: 5x 16gb samsung 1866mhz ddr3

psu: thor platinum 1200 watt

gpu: asus 5700 xt reference

I play a lot of Siege and it is very annoying when I get these micro stutters. I look at the frames when it happens and they do not drop. I do not have this issue in other games. I run the game at custom settings but the performance toll is close to very high. I did not have these micro stutters when I had the radeon vii, I started getting them with the 5700 xt.

Any help is appreciated.

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