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Journeyman III

5700 xt performs like hot garbage and crashes all the time

Here is my build:

Ryzen 3700x

x470 MSI gaming plus motherboard with the latest bios release

5700 xt MSI edition

16 gb of ddr4 3600 Trident Gold RAM

2 m.2 drives

brand new Corsair 750w gold rated PSU

Every game I play including the main one of FFXIV runs with very low fps, sometimes its normal, most times its not.

Cant run MSI afterburner with the 5700 xt or it crashes.  Riva Tuner crashes it of and on.  Sometimes Ill get things stable and then everything will shut off.  Using Wattman is hit or miss.  Sometimes it will crash it sometimes not.  Freesync crashes it.  Uninstalled and reinstalled using DDU daily to get it stable for a while.

Temps are within acceptable ranges on the card. Though most temp monitoring software will crash it too.

Stuttering and low fps in games.

Swapped in my old 1070 ti and ALL the issues go away and the performance of the 1070 ti completely destroys the 5700 xt.  

It's clearly the drivers for the card.  I have all the latest drivers for all devices.  Does the same on 19.7.3 and 19.7.4.  This is unacceptable.  

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