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Journeyman III

5700 XT game crashes with error amdxc64.dll


PC regularly crashes with the amdxc64.dll, shown in Event Viewer. My PC crashes during a range of different demanding games: from AoE2:DE to SW:FO. 

My specs are:

MSI x570 Gaming Edge WiFi

Ryzen 3600x w/ Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler

2x8GB Crucial Ballistix Elite 3600Mhz (XMP)

XFX 5700 XT Thicc II w/ Adrenaline 20.1.2

750 W Corsair Gold

Thanks in advance for any replies.

2 Replies
Adept I

Re: 5700 XT game crashes with error amdxc64.dll

i have try everything to stop blackscreen or bluescreen issues like vbios update, bios update, 5 times install windows,other powersuply,ram test,driver up and down, and more more more. at the end i have sell the rx 5700 xt.i have use many times amd gpus but never see so bad card like rx 5700 xt. it haves pure power like 2070 s, but in games frame drops so gtx 1060 have in many situation more fps than this card in game.and amd will bring 5800 5900 gpu on the market,and i thing this cards will have same issues, a man whit brain will not buy this fail gpu again. SORRY FOR MY BAD ENG.

Adept I

Re: 5700 XT game crashes with error amdxc64.dll

but i can give you many information you can try.

- first look have your gpu manufacturer bring a new vbios

- go to bios and change pcie from auto to pcie 3.0

- dont use msi afterburner or other programms like this

- try this special driver from asus 19.30.02  Gaming-Grafikkarte TUF 3-RX5700XT-O8G-GAMING | ASUS 

- disable everything in driver setup like freesync etc...

- bios update your motherboard

- use eyery time DDU uninstaller for your gpu driver

- and this all steps dont work sell your card!