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5700 XT - Dual 4K 10bit Monitor Problem

So I'm trying to use both of my 4K 10bit HDR 60hz Monitor with the 5700 XT (XTX Thicc III).

Both of them are working fine if they are plugged in alone via Displayport. As soon as I plug in the second Monitor it seems like my GPU is not accelerating/working anymore. Both of them have a signal input and also showing the picture, but it's getting laggy as if there is no GPU anymore.

I also checked the GPU Stats with NZXT Cam: As I'm plugging in the second monitor, the stats will disappear. No more clock, no more temperature etc.

The thing is that it is working normaly with 1x Displayport and 1x HDMI, but i will stuck with 8bit on one monitor.

I'm using the LG 27UK850-W Monitor

Intel i9 9900K (Kraken X62 WC)

Gigabyte Designare Z390

32GB G-Skill Trident-Z 3600

5700XT Thicc III

Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 1TB

Corsair RMX 750

I'm on the latest 19.12.1 AMD Driver (WIN10Enterprise)

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