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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

5700 xt clocks / resolution / wattman. + PROBLEM

sup guys, i got a somewhat serious problem with my 5700 xt (as a gamer), so ive had the problems that some have mentioned already, low clocks in some games, lower fps in csgo than my 1060 6gb in some situations since its just using 400-800 mhz, ive found out why it does that and maybe some1 has a solution for now. the problem seems to be the resolution, at 1440p it will use the max clock (ive watched a vid where some1 changed it and suddenly the clock changes to like half), so the driver seems to tell the card to clock lower at lower resolutions (or even the vbios?? no clue), i tested destiny 2 for example, im a FHD player and always will be since its the perfect size for me, but i changed the resolution scale to like 125% and suddenly it used the max clock.

in the last days ive read prolly everything you can find on this topic since i need the the full power for games like CSGO, im not a casual player, atleast not in this game.

also there was a problem with league of legends (i just saw a new topic with some1 else having another problem with LoL + 5700 xt).

for me it resetted the wattman settings, which only occured at LoL, not at any other theoretically more demanding game so i guess its a current driver thing.

throw some ideas, i hope any1 of AMD is aware and i hope even more that this isnt wanted, else i have to bring it back and get an nvidia, since they dont limit their clocks at FHD and lower (yes i also tested lower resolutions in case its just FHD but its not.)

also i have a problem ive just read about in another thread, max memory clock at 144 hz.

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