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Journeyman III

5500 XT drivers restart loop

So when I install the drivers(20.2.2) for my 5500 XT GPU it throws my computer into a restart loop and after that I have to restore or reinstall windows. I done this a few times already, GPU drivers being the last I update after I restore or do a clean re-install of windows. I don't know if I got a bad card. So the Question is how do I get around this or fix this?

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Journeyman III

Re: 5500 XT drivers restart loop

Hi, I know I might be a bit late to this topic.
I have this exact same issue with the EXACT same graphics card RX 5500 XT.
And in short, Go into Safe Mode on Windows and uninstall the Graphics Driver in the Device Manager.
Use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to make sure your system is clean of all the AMD Drivers.

Me and him are working at the moment to find the most stable driver.
The guy's channel name is ThisBytesForYou
I will keep you updated on this thread as well!

Journeyman III

Re: 5500 XT drivers restart loop

same here I have the issue when I try to install my 5500xt. crazy thing is it was working fine for months the Wednesday I left the room and went back into it. screen was blue asking me to restore it. with everything I have done this is what I am left with. I have reinstalled windows on my computer, I reinstalled all the drivers and window updates. when I try to run the amd software in order to update my graphics card it does that reboot thing then I have to enter through safe mode to restore it. another issue I have noticed is right before I go to install the graphics card if I go to troubleshoot the BITS(with everything I have done I think this is connected with the issue) I get the error message helpmsg2182. I troubleshoot it no fix. everything in the device manager is updated. I don't know what to do now lol. sorta new to building computers as this was my first. had no issue til Wednesday