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Adept I

5500 xt Black screen during driver install

Hey guys. Pretty frustrated. Breaking down and asking for help.

Upgraded my pc about 3 months ago. 


CPU - Intel 10500

Mobo- Msi z490 pro

ram- Hyper X Preadator DDR4 (16 gb)

GPU- MSI 5500 xt

PSU- 700w evga bronze

SSD- WD NVME 500gb


Upon first building the pc, and installing drivers everything seemed to work well enough. I was using an old SATA SSD at the time. After upgrading to the new NVME SSD with a fresh install of windows 10 pro. I got a black screen during the driver installation. Assuming I had made some mistake, and knocked something loose I took everything apart, and put it back together with the old ssd. Again fresh install of windows... and black screen. 

I figured out that I could run the pc off of the IGPU on the cpu and just left the driver installed for a while and ran my monitor off the onboard graphics. 

Yesterday I decided to take a crack at it again assuming that it was most likely a driver issue that would be resolved in coming updates.


Ive been at it since.

I reinstalled the NVME SSD. Fresh copy of windows again. Tried 3 different drivers. Uninstalling and cleaning up behind them with DDU. (Suggested by another post on here, and a youtube video I saw.) 

Im still getting the blackscreen during install. 

Ive attempted to pause windows updates. 

Any help would be appreciated. 


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Adept I

Re: 5500 xt Black screen during driver install

Attempted using AMD cleanup tool, and then used the auto detect and install after reboot. Cleanup tool completed successfully, but same result. Selected minimal install just to try something different.



Adept I

Re: 5500 xt Black screen during driver install

Attempted latest driver install after DDU cleanup and disconnecting internet completely before install Still no dice.