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Adept I
Adept I

28 Oct RDNA2 reveal TOO LATE!

I am a AMD stock owner and find it disturbing that Dr. Lisa Su separated CPU and GPU release in October for several reasons:

1. AMD Is dominating the DIY CPU market and therefore the release of the new CPUs 8 Oct is going to peak the interest of the worlds PC owners. That is why you should also present RDNA2 at the same time to get max coverage in the DIY market. This way many interested in the new Ryzen CPUs will to want to wait for RDNA2. If you split this CPU and GPU event you will lose the only market advantage you have over nvidia, the possibility to drive Ryzen buyer to RDNA2 architecture while they are thinking of upgrading their CPU.

2. Ampere is a big hit, no doubt BUT you NOW have ONE CHANCE to brake the momentum nvidia has gotten with Ampere. ONLY WAY to achieve this is to present RDNA2 as soon as possible preferably at 8 Oct. This way you will punch a BIG HOLE in nvidias release by presenting an alternative to Ampere for all DIY PC customers already using or upgrading to Ryzen and thus breaking nvidias momentum and steering a lot of customers over to RDNA2.

THINK LONG AND HARD ABOUT THIS, nvidia is vulnerable only now since it cannot deliver stock so you now have one window of opportunity to hit nvidia hard and disrupt their Ampere release. This is a short window of opportunity and you have to be flexible and take it.

If you don't do this you will lead most of your customers already using or upgrading to Ryzen right in to nvidias hands since nvidia will have released 3070 by then so many people will buy Ryzen CPU and an Ampere GPU before XMAS.

You might think that a three week difference between CPU and GPU presentation makes no difference BUT you are wrong IT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Ask your self what nvidia would do and check what nvidia successfully have done in the past to disrupt your releases. nvidia have made sure to inform the world before or at the same time you made new releases about their existing or coming products to disrupt your releases as much as possible.

SIMPLE, USE YOUR DOMINATING POSITION IN DIY CPU TO DRIVE RDNA2 GPU SALES. Combine your events CPU+GPU to 8 Oct to get max coverage, THIS IS A NO BRAINIER. You have a unique chance to use your Ryzen momentum and drive RDNA2 sales at a time where customer interest is at an all time high. WHEN WILL YOU GET A CHANCE LIKE THIS AGAIN.

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