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Journeyman III

22.6.1 & 22.7.1 Artifacts on Rx 6700 XT

Hi, I'm having a problem that gives me a headache, I just bought an rx 6700 XT, the problem is that when I use versions 22.6.1 and 22.7.1 of adrenalin I suffer from some very strange artifacts that only appear when I minimize video games and I open them again, in version 22.5.1 this does not happen, my concern is the following: This happens to someone else? Is it a problem only with the drivers? or is it that my gpu is defective and does not support the drivers? for now I will continue using version 22.5.1 although I would love to enjoy the open gl update for minecraft

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Journeyman III

Hi, I also recently installed new drivers and now when I play DotA 2 I see artifacts and a complete freeze of the gpu. funny that earlier this version was not supported by my gpu (rx 270x) and now they released support and problems started right away. you probably need to roll back to an earlier version, because before that there were no problems.