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Journeyman III

2 GPU issues - GPU1 100% GPU 2 0% useage?

G'day all

I'm having some issues with my GPU setup as of late where GPU1 is using 100% utilization and overheating without the fans kicking in while GPU2 is sitting at 0% causing crashing for myself. 

CPU: i9-9900k
RAM: 32GB (2133)
Graphics: RX 580 8GB + RX 580 8GB

GPU 1: Monitor 1: AOC 2460G4 144hz 24" Monitor 2+3: AOC 24B2XH 23.8" FHD Frameless 23.8in
GPU 2: Monitor 4: AOC 2460G5 Monitor 5+6: AOC FHD Frameless 23.6in

The only way I have been able to get the fans to actually kick over has been by installing MSI afterburner and have it running all the time the PC is turned on. otherwise under current stress the GPU 1 would be 75C+ and the fans are not turning on. 


I have done a factory reset and updated the software. I have 21.7.2 installed. 
None of this has changed the issue. 

I am trying to get GPU2 to take some of the load as it should be handling what's going on, on screens 4-6 itself.
GPU 1 is meant to be for my triple monitor gaming but seems to be doing all the work and need to correct this so i stop having crashes with is using 100% when it never used to. 

Anyone got any suggestions including knowing how to force a program to use a set GPU?

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