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Journeyman III

2 cards cause over consumption mesured by wattmeter but ok when exchange pcie slot


 i had issue with tdp of my first attempt to mount rx 580 with rx560.


I put rx 580 on pcie 16X and rx 560 on second pcie, the drivers amd tols me 80 or 30 watt for those cards  but the wattmeter was saying about 150 to 240 watts for each cards. so i was at 650 watt for 2 cards plus cpu ryzen 3600.


today i exchange the card due to bad try with bios settings. So i have at worst 290 watt for all 2 cards runnin plus burning cpu !



what has happened the wattmeter now says same thing than catalyst watt  it s coherent.


what was wrong yesterday ? is it an issue of putting the strongest rx580 on pcie 16, does it tried to do a crossfire without undertsanding why second card is so weak rx560 and pushed them to far to compensate


if you have an idea i would like to know/

thanks a lot 

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