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Adept I

1-day old 6900 XT shuts off when playing Civ 6

I have an all-new PC with nice parts, Windows 10, all the latest drivers and software.

I did not change any settings on the 6900 TUF. I have benchmarked it and done thermal tests, and it runs really cool. I keep the temperatures monitored at all times and pay attention to fan speeds. The card is not overheating.

I made a huge custom Civ 6 game and maxed out all the settings, and played it for a while. It went several hours with no issues. Then, after many hours, the video signal cut out. The PC did not crash - just the GPU. It was not a software crash - the video signal stopped being sent, and the rest of the PC stayed on. I restarted and checked for abnormal temps and found none. I resumed from an autosave, and the same thing happened a few minutes later - loss of video signal, all other parts continue running.

As I said, I kept an eye on the temps the whole time. The room is cold, the case has 7 external fans, VRM fan, two RAM fans, and everything is underclocked except the GPU. It wasn't overheating.

Is this a known issue? What is the cause?

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Community Manager

The minumum requirenent psu for the 6900 XT is 850W, using independent cables for the power delivery from the PSU to the graphics card.

System shutdowns usually indiciate a insufficient or faulty power supply, or perhaps overclocked or overheating components. 


I'm using a 1000W PSU and 2x8-pin connectors.

The card draws 275W under load. There are hundreds of watts of extra power.

Journeyman III

I'm running a RX5700 and my Civ 6 games have been doing it recently too.  Like you no overheating - game just stops working.  Can run for hours sometimes and others not.