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Yet Another 7800XT Black Screen Victim

Like so many others, I got the dreaded loss of signal/black screen with a 7800XT


Everything worked just fine for a couple of days, I played a few video games with no problem, then while watching a youtube video, I got the loss of signal/black screen.


What is different with mine, after a couple of crashes/black screen, Windows (I assume) disabled my 7800xt, and started using my igpu. My device manager sees the 7800xt, but it's disabled code 22.


I'm not sure if I should enable the 7800xt, and keep testing, or is that a bad idea?

This is a new computer from Cyberpowerpc, used for only 2 days before having the problems. 

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As I've read in other places, try going into bios and change the output from your IGPU to your GPU, make sure to download the driver pkg first. I'd also make sure your bios is updated.

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