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Graphics Cards

Journeyman III

xfx rx 6800 swft

Hello all,

I just did my rig update and something is not quite right. This card is advertised for smooth 2k/4k gaming. People say temps and fps is lovely but at the moment 4k even at low is terrible. 2k is ok-ish but not higher that medium settings and I am not talking about newest game titles. 1080p is fine but temps jumping from 62 to 80c sometimes playing on ultra. Upgraded from my rx 6600 xt (lovely btw). On that card I never reached 70c with 60/144fps lock, depends on game.


GPU: xfx rx 6800 swft 16gb

CPU: ryzen 9 7900

RAM: 32gb corsair ddr5 6000mhz cl30

PSU: 850W corsair 80+ gold

Mobo: msi mag b650 tomahawk wifi


Latest drivers installed with amd adrenaline. Anyone experience same issues? Also gpu usage 99%, cpu usage around 20%.

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