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Adept I

wx9100 and wx8200 are close to equal.Amd,will you fix it?

I was planning to purchase a wx9100 gpu and lucky for me,a coworker told me he had one. Went to his place after work to test it.Ive found that in raw gpu power(game testing and other intensive tasks) the wx9100 is equal to a vega 56.Was not happy with this find and is most probably do to the 230w max bios power plan on the gpu.(a full vega 64 uses 295w).The problem here is that the wx9100 is a vega 64 gpu that is limited by a power plan.This can be fixed by a driver update that unlocks the full power of the gpu.

Amd,please unleash the full power of the gpu, because the new wx8200 is a vega 56 at raw power.What we have right now is this.

wx9100=1900€ which is equal in performance to the wx8200=999€

Apart from the 8 more gb and the ecc on the wx9100,there is nothing worth it over the new wx8200.As a customer, as a developer I take this as a insult to say the least.(without wanting to sound bad,but is what it is).

Someone may say,than take a frontier edition.Well they still have the overheating problem and fan control issue,and are now discontinued.

A driver update can unlock the full raw potential of the wx9100.The gpu already has one 8pin and one 6 pin so its enough.

After some digging,i found a thread here that stated the same compare I'm observing now.

Thread can be closed.

I'm sure that new workstation gpus wont be made by amd in the next 2-3 years,so why not fix this now and and make it a interesting product?

A compubench between the two gpus

AMD Radeon (TM) Pro WX 9100 performance in CompuBench - performance benchmark for various compute AP...

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RE:This can be fixed by a driver update that unlocks the full power of the gpu.

I would have thought that Vega 64 for workstation should be binned out to be the higher performance / lower leakage GPU's than the gaming ones, but maybe that is not the case.

If you run that card at 295W BIOS it will likely run hot, with loud fan, and throttle, just like the Vega Frontier Edition does.
Don't just take my opinion on this.

See Buildzoid's comments on this: Buildzoid rambles about the RX VEGA cards - YouTube

A two slot high Reference blower cooler on the RX Vega 64 is just not enough cooling to allow you to get the full performance out of the card.

Just see this review, from an AMD fan: AMD RX Vega 64 Has Problems - YouTube

They get too hot and the fan noise is too much.

Here is another reviewer measuring the noise from a Vega 64 reference card RX Vega 64 Liquid Cooled - Review & 6 Card Comparison - YouTube

Here is his recent update and review of Gigabyte RX Vega 64 GTX 1080 TI vs RX Vega 64 - 9 New Games Benchmarked - YouTube

Even the single radiator on the RX Vega 64 Liquid was on the edge of being enough cooling - see AMD RX Vega 64: The Tom's Hardware Liquid Cooled Edition

This should not be a surprise, the radiator is similar to R9 Fury X. I own one, it gets hot after using it  for ~ 30 - 60  minutes of 4K gaming on Sniper Elite 4.

You would need to put an AIO watercooler on your card such as Alphacool Eiswolf 240 GPX Pro AMD RX Vega M01 - black | Eiswolf | Alphacool | Internal kits | kits, ...

Alternatively I think you would need to put your card on a full waterblock.

It should be obvious that Vega 64 require lots of cooling when run on max BIOS Performance setting. - just look at the size of the coolers on the PowerColor Red Devil Vega 64 here: Powercolor Vega 64 Devil - YouTube

Listen to the first thing the reviewer says when he sees the card. "Cor Blimey, it's enormous" - and it is they all are - The Sapphire RX Vega 64 Nitro, the Gigabyte RX Vega 64, and the Asus Strix RX Vega 64. None of the reviewers say they get much in terms of overclocking& undervolting those cards. All those large coolers do is let the Vega 64 run cooler and quieter.

RE: Apart from the 8 more gb and the ecc
Well the additional 8GB of HBM will require some more power, I dont think HBM needs that much power though - I think it was in the ~ 10's-20's of watts - I would have to look it up - its in one of my posts somewhere.

HBM is expensive - I do not know about the ecc - you probably pay over the top for the additional 8GB HBM because it is 8GB HBM  that could have been used to produce another AMD Vega GPU sale.

I did see an improvement in Radeon Software for professional cards recently - I will look that up and post it here.

RE: I'm sure that new workstation gpus wont be made by amd in the next 2-3 years,so why not fix this now and and make it a interesting product?

Vega 7nm has already been announced - I will send you a link to that as well.



I saw an announcement about enabling Fan Control on the Professional Cards - I can't find it at the moment.

Here is the related document:


Thank you for the interesting info and dedicated time.To tell the truth,even if AMD answer this,I doubt they coud squeeze more performance out of it since they made it that way.Probably at heart, I am kind of disappointed with amd pro gpu market offerings this time(am a user since the v8800) and the lack of information to the community.(never saw one full review of the wx9100,pro duo Polaris or radeon ssg as they probably didn't gave samples).On the other hand,for them to charge 1k for the wx8200 which just have 8gb of memory is a lot in my opinion,having in mind there are already 1k gpus offerings from them that have 16gb or more(radeon pro duo Polaris and vega FE).To me,this might be a desperate marketing attempt because in a month there will be rtx quadros and as much as I want to,i don't percept anything new from the amd side.(appart from the beautiful 2990wx which I have and don't regret)

Right now I will give it a few days of thought about what gpu to pick(or wait for new recent stuff)

Hey no problem, it was no big effort on my part, I have been following what is happening with AMD cards.
I am using consumer cards for a programming project. I am using multiple AMD GPU's.
I hope I will be purchasing professional GPU some time in the future, if what I am doing is a success.
Because I need multiple GPU's I need them to be small enough (2 slot high) so I can fit as many as possible to Motherboard PCIe slots and

Thunderbolt eGPU's like this one for example (Scarface ).

There is no way I can use those PowerColor RX Vega 65 Red Devil Cards.

They block PCIe2.0 slots so I cannot use mining adapters to add additional GPU's.
They don't fit and take too much power to fit in this: GAMING STATION - PowerColor
The best power color card that will fit is the Power Color Red Dragon Vega 56 and it is as rare and hard to find as Dragons Teeth.

It has already been shown here as EOL once. But since I asked about it and promote it to others they are now on "Pre Order".
There are very few video reviews of the card, now with much detail at all.
Maybe you might be able to use one if you can get it, but I would assume you pay all that extra money for the professional card for a very good reason.

AXRX VEGA 56 8GBHBM2-2D2HD/OC - PowerColor

I have been haggling and it looks like I can get one of those for ~ 400, I managed to get them to add the Radeon Gaming Promotion.

Like you I am in unfortunate position of having to  seriously consider going green.
I would not pre-order those new Nvidia cards until you see real benchmark numbers  / read many reviews first.



Hope you find what you are looking for mate.

Yeah,I use workstation gpus because autodesk is milking me every year about my maya perpetual license   and people tend to say:

-Hey look!A gtx titan is cheaper and more powerfull in scpecviewerf.Than why buy a pro gpu?

The thing is that gaming and pro gpus are equal in performance in viewport speed,but if you have a heavy scene and start to select (for example in maya) poly objects,gaming gpus will have lag selection of 3-8 seconds.Workstation gpus don't tend to have this.

To tell the truth,i have many recommendations on how amd can approach pro gpu market and will leave this thread open if by chance a AMD personal decide to show and ask/ answer about my initial question about bios profiles boost.

I will take a look at that wx8200 when it comes out,but I suspect I might end on the green side sooner as in the end of the day,its not about fanboys and support,its about doing the job the way you feel more comfortable with.