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Adept I

Windows 10 - INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE - after clean install of 22.11.2

In the end only the restore point created by the AMD cleanup tool that seems to run on installation came to the rescue.

What I did:

- Update Windows 10 so that there are no updates left (of course rebooting after the updates)

- Using DDU to clean out everything on the AMD driver side. After Cleanup and restart I waited until windows finished installing its default drivers.

- Restarted. Then installed the AMD drivers in version 22.11.2 as "FULL INSTALL".

- Waited until the system automatically restarts.


I did this THREE TIMES.

Always the same.

Please fix it!

This is the second big problem I have with AMD now...

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Adept I

My solution the was:

- Restore the last restore point created

- Reinstall (this time without cleaning up before and without the hook in "reset system")...



Sound like your Windows Boot Manager became corrupted.

If you would have start your PC three times in a row before entering Windows Desktop on the 4th time it would have automatically entered Windows Diagnostic mode and from there you would have access to Windows Troubleshooting Menu.

There you could have clicked on Repair Windows Startup or restored your PC to an time before you installed the AMD driver.

Found this Microsoft Forum thread with that same error with some very good tips on how to fix it:

Screenshot 2023-01-07 131631.png

Adept I

I tried all if that.

It is not the boot manager.

Do not trust the error messages from windows.

Restoring a restore point worked - as described.

The AMD driver installation killed the system and the restore point took it back to life.

When you do a Restore Point it also, I believe,  restores your Windows Boot Manager since it restores all System files and configurations:

You can press F8 to boot into Windows Recovery Menu or perform a System Restore to fix the Boot Manager failure. Definitely, you are not able to enter your system when Windows Boot Manager is failed. You'll probably see the following errors on the screen: 0xc00000f.Apr 22, 2021

Windows Boot Manager Failed To Start In Windows 10


Nope. The boot repair did not solve the problem.

It is not the boot manager.

Okay, Thanks for the update.