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Adept II

Why should I keep this Vega 64 over the 1070TI i have

I bought a $400 Viotek GN27D  (27 inch curved VA 144hz 2560x1440) monitor 2-3 months back because i was on a 19 inch lcd from 12 years ago and well 1680x1050 was getting old and the size was small and i just needed an ew monitor.  My graphics card at the time was a R9-290 my system is a 4790K 16GB ram and a 1TB 860 evo SSD..    I tried some games with freesync enabled and i always saw flickering on the screen which i bet you guys are familier with.. Seems it could possibly be due to freesync reaching the monitors limit as my fps was in the 40-60 range, and my monitor is 44-144 i believe.

Anyway the r9-290 is way too slow for this new monitor.. So me being like 4 years behind on current video cards i did some research looked at prices and the 1070TI at 470$ before tax seemed like a great deal..   While the card was on its way i had a DOHHH moment and realized i forgot my monitor is a freesync monitor..  So the card arrives, I play some games with it like total war warhammer 2, witcher 3, subnautica and stuff and damn this card blew my r9-290 away.  I noticed screen tearing though.. so i turned on Vsync.. Oddly FPS stayed the same, 70s-100s whatever.  It didnt drop to 60hz or 30 or 15 like im familier with vsync doing.. games looked great.

I decided i still wanted freesync to work as thats one reason i got this monitor.  So i ordered a Asus strix Vega 64 OC edition based on reviews ive seen the 64 is better or equal to the 1070ti.. It was $100 more though.. but came with farcry 5 for free so in a way was only $40 more..  Claims 1590 boost clock and a heat sink thats so amazing and so forth..  Well I got the card and ive been testing the 1070ti and Vega 64 in my games.. and well... This Vega 64 SUCKS !!

In witcher 3 im averaging 5-6 fps less..  from thge 80s to the 70s.. About a 10% loss in framerate, Subnautica wont even start with the Vega i put my 1070ti in subnautica launches, put the vega 64 back in and it wont launch..  So i try Total WarWarhammer 2.. the game im playing right now, and the game that was mainly crushing my r9-290 and convinced me to spend this $500-600 in the first place..   In warhammer im averaging 16FPS less on the campaign map using the Vega 64..  In the campaign benchmark im seeing 100fps peak and 77fps average..  The Vega 64 the peak was 80.. and 62 average..   In battles and the battle benchmark im seeing 4-5 fps less on the vega then the 1070ti..  and this 4-5 fps can mean the difference from 35 to 40 or 25 to 30 fps not alot but when it dips that low with Ultra settings 5fps helps.. On the campaign map in game i get 42 fps average and 52 on the 1070ti.. 40 and 50fps in playability is a big difference as 40 starts messing with my eyes and 50 is much better.

Also Another thing that really pisses me off, is the Vega 64 wont even reach its advertized boost clock..  Im seeing 1490mhz TOPS in wattman.. temps are in the 70s.  max i saw was 77c.   So i tried to overclock the card to the advertised 1590mhz boost clock..  Yea.. lol i went to 5% and the clock was 1420mhz go to 7% and its at 1490ish then i go to 8-9% and the drivers crash the game artifacts the hell out and yea this card wont even reach 1500mhz..

So why the Hell should I keep the Vega 64 if its slower then the 1070TI.. I didnt even overclock the 1070ti lol.. when i did i was able to over clock its to 1750mhz on the core and and got 5-8fps more on top of what i already mentioned..  The Vega 64 is litterally 10-20% slower.. it wont Overclock worth CRAP.. it wont reach its own advertised speeds.. All it has is freesync... and freesync doesnt work in the fps range this card is getting at least in warhammer..  Sure it does in witcher and other games that are getting 70's ect...  But still...

Sorry Im just really pissed... the FPS is one thing, but this thing not reaching its advertised speeds is what set me off..  So really AMD guys why should I keep this this door stop. ??

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Adept II

Oh and freesync flickers in other games too wth man.. Wolfenstein 2 the new colossus ...  Left right looking with freesync off the motion looks blurry.. Turn freesync on and BAM !! game looks beautiful and is to smooth... This almost convinced me to retract my 10-20% slower comments, and just settle because freesync looks that good..  But if course i have screen flickering.. its a faint TICK TICK flicker it freaking sucks !!!