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Journeyman III

Why is my 6900xt underperforming

Ok so I have recently upgraded from a 1660 super to a 6900xt. I have a MSI MAG X570S Tomahawk MOBO, a ryzen 7 3700x, a 850w Corsair psu. Most recent version of bios. Vsync off. I am trying to play apex legends at 1440p at 165hz, but my fps is not stable or anywhere near what I’ve seen other gamers with similar specs have. I can’t seem to hold 165 stable even on low settings and high settings I get 100-120 fps and it even drops under 100 sometimes. Keep this in mind that everything’s on the lowest settings and my friend said his 2080 super performs better than mine in 1440p. I guess I just expected my card to smash apex legends in 1440p with stable fps at least on low settings considering the 6900xt is supposed to be the top shelf card in the amd market. My thermals and everything are normal all drivers recently updated. Did a windows reset and reinstalled everything so I’m not sure what else to try.

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Adept I

If you dont have windows 11  Get it


What does Windows 11 bring for improvements to AMD Radeon graphics cards in games that Windows 10 doesn't do?

Adept III

Whats you CPU, GPU usage When playing Apex?
Do you get the same FPS at 1440P?

With mine 6900xt paired with an 5900x I'm hitting between 200-250 FPS on Maxed out setting at 1440p.
My first though was you are maybe hitting CPU bottleneck. When i look after benchmarks your 3800x should get an average 172 FPS at 1080P.  Lowering details or resolution wont help because you cpu max FPS is 172 fps.

6900XT is a beast and very strong at 1080 en 1440p. You will hit CPU bottleneck very easy.

Adept II

My 6900XT GPU Usage is low and sporadic when trying to play CryEngine-based games.

Would love to know your experience with Star Citizen and Archeage Unchanged (Kakao Games)

Just as a test to see if you're seeing the same things as I am.

Let me know if you're willing to verify that.  AMD doesn't seem to want to help me.


Im currently downloading  Archeage. Il keep you posted


What ram are you currently running? Are any of the extra AMD settings(anti lag, chill, etc) on? I am running a 5600x and 6900xt and have no issues keeping Apex at 162 capped at 1440, understand the differences in CPU but I would think the 3800x would get you there as well.


Witch archage im getting 130-150fps on start location. (1440p and max setting) 
Im getting 30% GPU en 8-12% cpu usage , runs butter smooth.

i see only 2 cpu threats working so that will be the bottlenek,  its an old game...