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Journeyman III

Why does my Red Dragon RX 5600 XT make mt screen go black whenever I try to play a game.

As soon as I launch a game my screen goes black and I have installed the latest drivers and that just made the problem worse. I have to shut down my computer and then boot it back up because when the screen goes black I cannot do anything.

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This is unfortunately a common issue reported. I would talk to the support department of who made your card and see what advice they can offer. You may want to return to an older driver that worked better or maybe ask for an RMA on the card. 

You can talk to AMD here if you choose:

Adept III

Have you undervolted your card at all? I had a similar issue with my Sapphire NITRO+ RX 5700 XT, and through a process of trial and error I have estimated that I was undevolting it too aggressively. For example it black screened more than 60% of the time during the launch sequence for Doom Eternal.

I ended up adopting AMD's AutoUndervolt feature in Adrenalin (20.4.2) and it has been stable ever since. I also reboot  straight away each time I touch anything in the Performance (e.g. old Wattman) section as I find it is quite fragile.