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Why Dedicated VRAM of 2 GB is not being used by the discrete GPU, and it's only using 512 MB just like mine integrated GPU does?


I brought this new laptop recently: HP Notebook - 15q-by002ax,  It's documented to have a AMD Radeon™ 520 Graphics (2 GB DDR3 dedicated):

When i run games or visit task manager, as you can see on the image, it never uses 2 GB VRAM, it only uses 512 MB, which is insufficient to play games.

I updated all software drivers + BIOS and updated directx, graphics drivers and all, and I've searched everywhere, still haven't found no solutions.

Please help me AMD community, i brought this laptop only for that AMD Radeon™ 520 Graphics (2 GB DDR3 dedicated). And if i don't utilize it for what i needed it for, I'll have to quit using this laptop.

Speccy and other applications too, show 2048 MB of memory on details, but on practical use, i feel like i got scammed.

Thanks for reading..

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Adept III

maybe ur using the integrated gpu of the laptop i can see u have 7.5gb of ram the other 512 is going to the integrated gpu try to switch to the dedicated on in the amd drivers


Settings on AMD drivers are only limited to setting performance mode High/Low, Their ain't no reliable settings on AMD Drivers.


How old is you laptop question. As if its a 500 series & well over 5 years old anything from 6000 series or below arte on legacy drivers so unfortunately none of the latest AMD drivers will work with your dedicated card. You will need to go onto the HP site itself & dig out you exact drivers from there library.