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Which Graphics should I get

My friends gave my his old tower and I've had it for a couple years now. I would like to upgrade to newer equipment , but i don't need the top of the line. I stream to Twitch frequently and want to play some of the more recent games. Can anyone help me with what I should get.

This is what I know:

Motherboard: Asustek CM1855    

CPU: AMD FX ~8120 eight core processor

RAM : 12 GB

Graphics: AMD Radeon 7600 series ( 7660 I believe)

I just need some help finding the right stuff. Thank you.

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Well the problem is going to be your CPU, not the greatest in terms of streaming while you play. I wouldn't go above an RX 580 with that system.


Then it would probably because in my best interest to get a new CPU?


Short answer, yes.

Long answer, a new CPU means a new motherboard and RAM as well, so what I would do is go ahead and get the RX 580, as even modern, well optimized games, like Battlefield V, run well on it at 1920x1080, and is over 800% faster than your current card, so it will work well with a new system as well, and see how it works, and is only $200 right now. The problem is the FX-8120 is -slow-, and doesn't even meet the minimum specifications of more modern games like Battlefield V which requires a FX-8350. Now, combine that with the fact that the FX-8120 is half as fast as the recommended processor (according to UserBenchmark) or slightly slower (PassMark), I tend to agree with UserBenchmark on this one as it's more real life, and your performance is going to suffer. The good news is that a new Socket AM4 motherboard, Ryzen 2600X, and 16GB DDR4-3200 is about $500 with the potential to be a little cheaper next week, so it's really not the end of the world especially if you resell your current CPU, RAM, and motherboard.

Adept III

You're definitely going to want a complete rebuild when you're able to do so financially. Until then though, an RX 580 would be an enormous improvement over anything in the HD 7600 line.... the most powerful of which I believe was the HD 7670, an RX 580 is around a 700% improvement over that.... it's probably not going to do alot for your streaming, as that is largely CPU bound from what I understand, but the games themselves would play so much better, and you'll be able to play games that your HD 7600 series card wouldn't even load up.

If you're sure you will be upgrading the entire platform in the near future, I'd say you could even get away with a GTX 1070, I've seen them used on Ebay for as little as $230, a really amazing value if you ask me..... if you don't mind buying used hardware that is, your CPU isn't going to let you get the absolute most out of it, but it should still more or less match what the 580 will do for your system, and when you do upgrade the CPU/RAM/Mobo, you'll have a bit of extra GPU power left in the tank...... if you plunked down for one of those, and then saved up some money for say..... a Ryzen 5 2600 rig..... I think you'd find yourself set pretty nicely for a while.