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Journeyman III

Where to buy Polaris RTX20

Good afternoon, 3 Gigabate RX580 AURUS 8gb video cards were purchased with a 2-year warranty (checks, boxes, saved), in the Megabit store in Moscow, the store is currently bankrupt and does not fulfill its warranty obligations (I don’t want to sue). I had to give them to the service center, after the diagnosis they said that the chips flew, GPUs, but the search for the chips didn’t lead to anything, only the donors of the video cards said, can you tell me where to buy or order the Palatis RTX 8gb chips, The cards were given for diagnostics not to the service Gigabate center, but they have a license to repair video cards. Where to order or purchase the above chips?
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Here is Gigabyte Global Warranty for Russia: Warranty - GIGABYTE Global 

Since Gigabyte says you need to go through your Retailer to get the Warranty and your Retailer is out of business (Bankrupt) I suggest you open a Gigabyte Warranty Support ticket and see what they suggest or if they will honor your Gigabyte Warranty : RMA-Login 

which store, it is no longer merged, bankrupt ....


That is WHY  I suggested you open a Gigabyte Warranty Support ticket and see if they will honor  the bankrupt store Warranty.

If Gigabyte says the Warranty must go through the bankrupt Retailer than you are out of options.

You could try and locate some defective RX580s and use it to cannibalize parts to fix your RX580.