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Journeyman III

where can i choose what monitor i want to record because it doesn't record the monitor my game is on?

almost everytime i try to record my gameplay with my rx580 it records my second screen and there is no way to choose which monitor i can record. ive searched so much its crazy and i cannot find a solution anywhere.

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You may want to make sure the monitor you want to record from is set as your primary or main monitor. If you have 2 monitors one is set to "1" the other "2". You can reverse these and this may help. If you already have this that way then I am not sure what the issue is. I know I have seen may complaints of re-live not working correctly but you did not even mention what software you are using to record. 

If you need help on setting your monitor preference this site has a great tutorial: 

If this doesn't help I would list you system specs, driver you are using and software you are using to record and maybe someone can offer better assistance.

Good Luck!

Journeyman III

I too am having this issue (rx 480). I want to record my game, or at least the screen, that the mouse is on. But when I use any of the Recording features in the Radeon Software it records a random Screen, not Screen 1 or the one, that has the Cursor on it.

I am using version 20.2.2.