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Adept II

When using AI intensive applications my computer shuts down

My computer just powers down within seconds of starting to use certain features in AI applications. Davinci Resolve Studio when I use a feature that requires use of its AI engine and Topaz photo AI after I open a picture. I have to re-connect the PSU to start it up again and the BIOS resets itself

It never powers down when playing 3D games, it will happily play games for hours without issue. Same with using other 3D/GPU apps like blender or photogrammetry
I ran the GPU stress test in the AMD application, no problem
It does not seem to be an overheating issue I ran cinebench test. MP test 100% CPU usage max temp is 66C no thermal throttling, GPU Max temp 73C

Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra
Ryzen 9 5950X
2xM2 SSD
Radeon 6900 XT
850W power supply
There is no overclocking applied in BIOS or in any AMD application

Any ideas?

I dropped the CPU clock multiplier from 34 to 30 in bios and limited MAX GPU Clock speed to 75% and I dont have the issue. Both AI applications so far work fine

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