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Journeyman III

What kind of adaptor or cable do I need to connect a Cinema Display to a Radeon Pro WX4150

I am trying to hook my Dell 5720 AIO (Radeon Pro WX4150) to an Apple Cinema Diplay (DVI Output).

I already posted this question in General Discussions but I got no answer, I have tried a UGREEN Female DVI to HDMI Male cable but the display looked terrible.

Next, I bought a USB Type C to HDMI Active Adapter but the Dell Type C port doesn't support video output.

Can anyone from AMD product support please tell me what I need.


2 Replies

Not trying to give you the run around on this but Dell usually has some great support. I would call or message them, have your monitor model # or research online ahead of time. See if you can find out if that is analog or digital DVI or does it have other ports too?  I'd ask their advice on what to use.

Other than that most of the time a Active adaptor to whatever is what you want. But I don't really have enough information to be certain. I'm sure the Dell gang could be more help.


No problem, thanks for the help, I’ll try Dell