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Adept I

Weird fps issues in bfv


I'm running a 6800 XT on 4k 120 hz freesync screen, and its been going great. I've been getting about a 100 fps and above in bfv at ultra and 3840x1620, which is awesome. Recently though it's begun to half the frames, for no apparent reason, after 30-60 min of play.

The GPU just chills at 60% and doesnt boost to  the MHz you'd expect. It stays <1000 mHz according to HWmonitor. Temps are fine at <60.

It gives a lot of constant microstutter in game when it happens. Restarting the game does nothing, it only fixes itself after a full reboot, but then only lasts for 30-60 min.

Adjusting graphics settings yields nothing. Thinking it was a CPU bottleneck, I checked that too, but it sits at 85C, which should be fine for an AMD 7 5800X processor. (Though not ideal i know. its a prepuilt.) No cores seem to be at 100%, and it seemingly isnt this, considering it runs fine in the beginning.

Tried reinstalling and updating drivers. Experienced it on multiple drivers.

This also doesnt happen in any other games. Played the bf2042 beta yesterday for 5 hours with about 90 fps at ultra and 3840x1620.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd welcome them. I'm short of ideas, other than a driver bug not going into "gaming mode".

Thanks, Silas

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