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Journeyman III

Weird behaviour of Xfx 6900xt in Cyberpunk2077

Hi guys,
I just made myself an Account here, just because I can't find a solution for my problem.

I try to tell about my problem in a short time:

I can play Cyberpunk well for around 10 minutes, sometimes 2 hours and then my pc crashes and goes into bootloop, until I shut it down, wait some time and restart it. So far I only have this problem in Cyberpunk.

I updated all my drivers, including Chipset, Gpu and so on and even cleaned my drivers using DDU. Even my Bios is up to date.
At some point I bent a capacitor near my Pcie slot in which my Gpu is installed, but replaced the capacitor and it just worked fine.

My hardware is as following:

Asus Strix X570-F Gaming
Amd Ryzen 7 5800x
16Gb Patriot Viper @3600mhz Cl18 (maybe 17)
Xfx 6900xt Merc 319
BeQuiet Pure Power 12M 1000W

I swapped out my Psu, because I had an Evga Nex750b with 750 watt before and thought I don't have enough power. I did not daisychain my Powercables and use a single cable for each plug on my Gpu.

I also lowered my Ram speed down to 3200Mhz and Increased my Soc Voltage by 0.05v to have a lil bit more stable ram controller, since that was a suggestion from another forum, that the 6900xt doesn't like Xmp and slight unstable ram. 

When I undervolt my Gpu, or increase my Power Target or change my Fancurve my settings reset after some time of working properly with a crash. If I run everything on standard I still get the crashes.

I tried so much stuff, without any great success. Sadly I don't have any warranties, since I bought my Gpu used and my Mainboard is "too" old now.

Maybe you Guys have an Idea. Tell me if you need more information

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Journeyman III

It now happened with Red Dead Redemption 2.