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Journeyman III

We would like to use the RADEON PRO W 5700 to show a 3 D projection with 5 projectors in a fulldome

We would like to use the RADEON PRO W 5700 to show a 3 D projection with 5 projectors in a fulldome for a 360° projection. For this purpose we want to use 2 W5700 cards - one card each for the right and left image - in one computer system. The projector has inputs for the right and left 3d image. Is it possible to play out the single images framesynced over the 5 Projektors and the two cards with this card?
I know there is a S400 sync card available from AMD. But it seems the W5700 doesn´t support this card. Is this true?

We chose the W 5700 card because it offers 6 outputs so that we don´t need a third card for the media server application control display.
Till now we used 2 QUADRO cards with sync card for this purpose, but we are not really happy with this cards.

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@fsadoughis the best person to answer your question. But he is going to need specific computer and software information including Windows and AMD driver version installed.

Also Make & Models of your Projectors and how they will be connected to the GPU card.


The current NAVI products (W5500 & W5700) do not support Framelock / Genlock and hence no S400 connectivity is available. FL/GL is supported on Radeon Pro VII, WX9100, WX8200 and WX7100 and since you need at least 5 display for each eye, you must use either Radeon Pro VII or WX9100.

Send me details on the projectors you will be using along with the system to be used, OS and application.

Thank you for your answer!

Sorry for the late response. I have been sick the last few days.

The answer to your question:

We have 5 Projectiondesign F35 AS3D WUXGA Projectors, Lenovo THINKSTATION S30 XEON E5-1660 and alternatively  Dell Precision Rack R7910 Dual Intel Xeon E5-2678 V3 12Core MediaServer with PCI-Ex16 riser card for second GPU. Until now we used 2 M4000 Quadro cards with sync card for non 3d 360° fulldome projections. For 3d we used 2 systems with sync over the sync cards. For non 3d purposes we tested a AMD Pro W5700 and were extremely impressed by the eyefinity and EDID handling. It was a lot more stable and performant. Unfortunately it is not sync capable.
The WX 9100 could be an alternative but it is based on the older GCN 5.1 architecture. Can the WX9100 handle a 5 projector Eyefinity screen at the same time when there is the control display is connected like the W5700?
Is it also the case when you sync two WX9100 with S400 sync card for 3d projections? We would like to get rid of the third graphics card for the control display.

Maybe we could get in direct contact. You can see what we do at: