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Adept I

Want info from fellow RX 6800/XT owners - PC Freeze

Hello everyone,

I always had RX 5700 XT and I recently purchased MSI RX 6800 XT Gaming X Trio. Problem is, sometimes my PC freezes playing games. I can play sometimes for 10 minutes, sometimes one hour. PC just freezes, it's like GPU or memory clocks are to high. I put RX 5700 XT back and played full day without any problems. I put RX 6800 XT back and didn't saw any freeze yesterday and today, but I did Auto Undervolt in AMD Adrenalin. I checked GPU BIOS via MSI Live Update, it says it's the latest. Of course, I will play more in thje coming days to see if problem persist. I use 1000W Seasonic 80 Gold PSU, two separate PCIe power cables.

Anyone had something like this with RX 6800 or RX 6800 XT? If so, you RMA'ed card or not? I tried DDU, of course, didn't do clean Windows reinstall though. Still don't know if it's faulty GPU or driver issue, because PC completely freezes. I will play few more days with Undervolt, if I will see no freeze, I will put Automatic again and will see what happens. If it will freeze again, I'm thinking about RMA.

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hello ,

the only faulty new gpus i saw for now is when they artefacting

is your system uptodate ? mb bios ? windows uptodate etc ?

what is your hardware and settings ? (sometime some incorrect setting can be ok with one hardware but can hang once changed) , multiple cause are possible, let's give us some details


Thank you for quick reply. Yes, everything is up to date right now, including MB BIOS, Windows Updates and even AMD Chipset drivers. One thing I changed and managed yesterday to loop 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme for two hours and play for two hours without any PC freeze was with Auto Undervolt in AMD Adrenalin. I doubt it's PSU, it can be, of course, but as I said, with RX 5700 XT I didn't had any problems as long as I have it, expect black screen freezes in 2019, early 2020 AMD fixed that with driver updates. I also have EVGA 650W Gold to test if it's PSU (It's enough, I have a meter, PC draws max 500 Watts, usually a lot less).  RMA process can be quite long I think so my last resort will be clean Windows 10 install before contacting MSI. My PC specs below:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

MB: Asus ROG Strix X570-F

RAM: 32GB Corsair 8GBx4 3000MHz CL14

PSU: Seasonic Focus+ Gold 1000W

Monitor: LG 27GL850


first thing i would do is not applying xmp for ram in bios ( put it on default, put it back when problem solved)

and same for gpu , everything to default , no auto oc or uv

and recheck


if not ok , check temps , cpu gpu (hwmonitor)

if temps are good ... i would try to install windows on an external drive (or fresh install if not too much to install) to restart from scratch ... then if still no change ... try the gpu in another computer



For the sake of consistency, I will leave as it is for today and tomorrow. If no freeze, I will DDU drivers once again, will leave everything at default, turn off XMP and will recheck. I doubt it's RAM again, because I did Memtest four passes, no errors in 4 hours test, but I will try, thanks again. It would be nice to hear from others, I saw only two same issues after search on Google, but once again, there is not that many RX 6800 or RX 6800 XT in the wild.


ram problems are not allways because faulty ram , but timing settings , bios etc


Update: Did DDU, switched to one PCI-E power cable I was using with RX 5700 XT (6+2) before instead of two separate cables and played today for 4 hours without any problems. Is it my PSU faulty or I can blame extra PCI-E power cable?

Adept I


I have this freezing issue with my RX 6800XT for more than a year, it freezes sometimes in windows during browsing, or sometimes during gameplay. I was trying to isolate the problem by changing each of my components (RAM, PSU from 750W to 1000W, motherboard, CPU), nothing helped. Recently I tried automatic undervolt in AMD adrenaline software, and gues what, freezing stopped. I still dont know if it is a faulty GPU (mine is liquid devil, water-cooled, temps are not exceeding 50-55 degrees) or the drivers are still bad. I have to stress that I tried every version of drivers since 2021 untill now - with same issue, only undervolt seems to help. 


Me too bro, same problem… more than a year continue random freezing somentimes. I have changed pretty everything.

I’m gonna do undervolt to help, i hope so. Thx anyway.

Journeyman III

Hi guys, did the undervolt work? I have the same problem, random freez black screen and VGA led on. Never happens when playing. Its always when I'm on the videogame menu or youtube etc.



6700xt and seasonic 850w gold no problem here.

what is you cpu, motherboard and bios version?