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Journeyman III

Vram Stuck at 200Mhz Sapphire Nitro 5700xt

Hi everyone,

I had wattman crash on my gpu and couldn't find any solution. There is no way to play any game. For detect the problem, I was monitoring gpu stats and then I see vram stuck at 200mhz and it never boost up. For solution what I've tried;

-Latest Driver, ex. whql driver, ddu driver and fresh setup

-Format (Windows 10)

-Tried increase mhz manually with afterburner

-Different Psu

-Different PC

-Different video output, different cable

Unfortunately any above solution doesn't work on my gpu. I saw in rx 4xx, 5xx models, in radeon experience app possible to adjust vram mhz bars manually but for 5700xt that feature isn't exist. 

Any suggestion for fix or shall I go for RMA ? 

Thank you. (Sorry for my grammar)

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Journeyman III

Any suggestion please ?