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VR: Varjo Aero + 6900XT / Why won't they work together?

Could anyone (Preferably AMD themselves) enlighten me as to why a GPU like the 6900XT won't work with the VR headset Varjo Aero?
Can anything be done from AMD's side to get this working?
Is AMD doing anything about it?

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You would need to ask their customer support that question since their VR headsets aren't AMD's products.


Sorry but you are acting like this is Varjo problem.
In fact Varjo is not supporting AMD GPUs because they lack some compression encoder which Nvidia has.
I would love for AMD to get supported. I have RX 6900 XT and I am considering to buy Varjo Aero but I can't as my GPU is not supported. This may force me and many people like me to sell my GPU and jump ship to Nvidia.


More likely varjo being a member of the Nv inception program is why only NV cards are supported.


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I found the clip from the Varjo Aero launch event. They say that they are using Nvidia DSC compression.

Seems AMD does not have anything similar.


Seems I have to backtrack on that statement. Looks like AMD cards do support DSC. Then I do not know why Varjo is not supporting AMD cards. It does not make any sense. Why would they limit number of potential customers like this?

Good question.  Still no sign of AMD support so guess I’ll be replacing my   Graphics card when my Aero arrives.  Getting to be an expensive headset…


Well.  There's the pipe dream headset PIMAX Crystal.
We'll see at CES2023 if it'll actually become a reality.  They're testing support with various AMD GPU's now.  
Even if they can get the headset to work with an AMD GPU, doesn't mean AMD would be the best GPU to get the best experience for VR.

I was very intrigued about crystal. But it seems it will be quite uncomfortable hmd. Front heavy and bulky. Will have to wait for the final design. Btw it seems like somnium will present their hmd on CES with similar resolution as crystal. 


Saw it at a U.S. roadshow.  Counter-balanced by the hot-swappable battery in the back.  Wasn't really an issue.

You tried it yourself?




Judging based on this:
Still kinda skeptical. Even with counter weight that seems like a lot to have on your face. Counter weight may help with the front heavy feeling but it adds to over-all weight and discomfort. I am stoked about Somnium space VR1. Looks like same display but more lightweight setup. They should demo it on CES this week. Will see about the price.


Had the Crystal on pre-order, got tired of waiting so went with Aero (just arrived).  Waiting on RTX4090 to arrive so I can see if Aero is as good as the hype.